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Higher Education

The nation’s largest collaborative campus. 12 schools, 30 degrees, 1 location.

Slippery Rock University Degrees in Cranberry Township

The fundamental mission of Slippery Rock University is to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate academic instruction. Complementary missions are to conduct scholarly research, to promote professional performance, and to address the educationally-related economic, health, environmental, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the region served by the university

The perspectives of Slippery Rock University are contemporary and futuristic, national and international. The university provides experiences and opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and to develop confidence and self-reliance; it promotes their intellectual, social, and physical development; and it accomplishes these in an open, caring, nurturing, and friendly environment. Slippery Rock University is committed to serving and empowering all segments of the population that can benefit from its offerings.

Slippery Rock University offers a hybrid MBA program and the program can begin in either Winter or Summer Terms only.  This is an exclusive program at the Regional Learning Alliance only. 

Blended Doctor of Education in Special Education with Residency during the Summer at RLA.  For more information please visit their page here.  


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Doctor of Education in Special Education

Education (Undergraduate and Graduate

Undergraduate Education courses can be located in the "master course schedules and registration" or the Gateway program which is exclusively taught at the RLA can be found here.  Education undergraduate courses may be offered at the RLA but not for a complete degree program at our campus. However, should you wish to take more classes at the RLA campus, please email your department contact or Dean (click here for the Education Department).

Financial Aid


Contact Information

SRU Admissions
Brandi Web-Mortimer

P:  724-738-4340


MBA Program

Dr. Eric Swift


P: 724-738-4879

Gateway Program

Dr. Chris Kreiser


Doctor of Education - Special Education

Dr. Richael Barger-Anderson

724-738-2873 or richael.barger-ander@sru.edu

Office of Graduate Admissions

Brandi Weber-Mortimer

124 North Hall Welcome Center
Slippery Rock, PA  16057

Slippery Rock University at the RLA

850 Cranberry Woods Drive
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066