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Standard Buffet Fare? No Way.

Learn more about our Executive Chef’s food philosophy here and you’ll see why standard buffet fare is not what you can expect at the RLA. In fact, we not only know food, but we know the service that must come with it. The RLA’s full-day complete package will never leave you asking for more. All of our food is prepared on-site by Executive Chef, Jacob Croston and Chef Tim Lewis using the freshest ingredients, many of which are locally and organizcally grown.

Need something extra? Want to add a special touch?

We can do that too. Browse our complete menu or just ask. No request is too outrageous.

A Message From the Chef

Jacob Croston

"To me, food is much more than something to satisfy our appetite. The social aspect of food has become almost as important as the nutritional aspect. We build relationships around meals, personally and professionally. We make-up and break-up over a meal, we catch up with family and friends. We create business deals and brainstorm while eating. In our culture, it’s a necessary part of social interaction. Food can do much to influence any one of these interactions. It can be bring down conversation or it can uplift it. It also can be bland, not contributing or taking away from the setting, just filling our stomach. My goal in presenting the food I create, is to enhance and excite conversations and experiences. I hope to make the occasions memorable and create an atmosphere of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

I derive much happiness from seeing people enjoy my food, and it is my hope that while visiting the RLA, your culinary experience is as memorable as any other part of your learning and communicating. If there is a special request, a question, or a suggestion, my staff and I will be more than happy to listen and accommodate you to the best of our ability. Feel free to contact me anytime at jcroston@avifoodsystems.com or 724-741-1052. Bon Appetit!

– Jacob Croston, AVI Food Service Manager/Executive Chef