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For reservations or information call 724.741.1000
About Us

Committed to our Mission. Not the Bottom line.

Our Staff

RLA Learning and Conference Center
850 Cranberry Woods Drive
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Fax: (724) 741-1002

If you are looking for a staff member with one of our Academic Member Institutions, please click here.

If you are looking for an employee of one of the other entities that operate within the RLA, please contact our front desk at 724-741-1000

General Administration

Dr. Justin C. Griffith
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (724) 741-1005

Tawnya K. Curatola, MSOL, CMP, CMM
Vice CEO & Director of Event Services and Operations
Tel: (724) 741-1023

Business Development & Public Relations

Kristina L. Smith
Director of Business Development
Tel: (724) 741-1025

Katelin Plichta
Assistant Director of Business Development
Tel: (724) 741-1067

Event Services

Tawnya K. Curatola, MSOL, CMP, CMM
Vice CEO & Director of Event and Technology Services and Operations
Tel: (724) 741-1023

Mark A. Gates
Assistant Director of Event and Technology Services/Sr. Coordinator
Tel: (724) 741-1006

Rich Sipes
Systems & Event Support Specialist
Tel: (724) 741-1065

Jeffrey Reed
Support Specialist
Tel: 724-741-1031

Sarah Fabiani
Front Desk Assistant
Tel: (724) 741-1031

Linda Matchett
Front Desk Attendant
Tel: (724) 741-1031

Business Office

Vicki Bonzo
Business Manager
Tel: (724) 741-1021

Hannah Smith
Office Assistant - Business Development & Public Relations
Tel: (724) 741-1036

Building Services

Jeremy J. Turner
Director of Facilites
Tel: (724) 741-1095

Jesse Herzog
Lead Service Worker - Daytime
Tel: (724) 741-1000

Bill Harper
Lead Service Worker - Evening
Tel: (724) 741-1000

Eric Mackray
Service Worker
Tel: (724) 741-1000

Dante Armbrust
Service Worker
Tel: (724) 741-1000

Chris Ehrler
Tel: (724) 741-1000

AVI Food Systems

Jacob Croston
Resident Director & Executive Chef
Tel: (724) 741-1052

Natalie Aliberti
Catering Manager
Tel: (724) 741-1052

Tim Lewis
Sous Chef
Tel: (724) 741-1052

Jolene Messing
Break Station Attendant
Tel: (724) 741-1052

Holly LeFebvre
Catering Assistant
Tel: (724) 741-1052