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Green Initiatives at the RLA

June 9, 2016

Green Initiatives at the RLA!

Being green is very important to the staff of the RLA.  

We are a LEED Silver Green Building and an official Green Meeting Center.   A Sustainability Committee works year round at implementing green initiatives.  

Below is a snapshot of what we do here at the RLA.

Earth Day 2016

 On April 22nd, Earth Day, our Sustainability Committee passed out free saplings to students and clients, encouraging them to plant a tree!

It's easy being green every day at the RLA

Over 50% of our produce is from local farms.

UVA & UVB filtering sun panels, white roofing and siding, and aluminum sun screens help naturally cool the building.

70% of our outdoor landscaping is xeriscaping (drought-tolerant, native plants).

All wares provided on our break stations are 100% compostable.