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Slippery Rock University announces Master of Public Heath at the RLA

January 25, 2016

Slippery Rock University's Master of Public Health program will focus on health promotion and wellness and environmental and occupational health to address workforce needs.

The program follows a practitioner-based approach and the required capstone experience will provide an opportunity for students to further develop relevant experience in an applied setting. Graduates will be well-prepared to take the Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) examination, or the National Board of Public Health Examiner's Certified Public Health (CPH) examination.
Master of Public Health Program Goals:

1. Prepare graduates to become leaders in applying public health evaluation and behavior change strategies to improve population health and wellness
2. Effectively employ evidence-based practical experiences and interdisciplinary approaches in public health
3. Provide quality education, research, service, and leadership to improve public health and eliminate health disparities
4. Cultivate and identify strategies for marketing innovative, interdisciplinary health promotion programs

The knowledge and skills learned will enable graduates to address public health problems at the community, institutional, and societal levels. In addition, students will develop interdisciplinary competencies: communication and informatics, diversity and culture, leadership, professionalism, program planning, systems thinking, and public health biology.

SRU Master of Public Health (MPH) Program, click here for more information.