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Committed to Our Mission. Not the bottom line.

Mission Statement & Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

To serve as the region's premier Learning Center, capitalizing on the resources of an alliance of educational institutions, as well as the region's foremost Conference and Training Center, working together to enhance the workforce and economic development vitality of the region.

Vision Statement:

We will be the most innovative and outstanding lifelong learning campus in the nation.

The RLA has many unique characteristics, but none is more evident than our commitment to learning. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, every student and visitor is a lifelong learner. Our first priority is dedicated to expanding their knowledge and skills - whether to obtain a degree or to further their professional development. Every person that walks through our doors has an opportunity to gain more knowledge, improve their skills, and ultimately help build a better workforce. Not only are we devoted to improving the economy of Western Pennsylvania and its people, but we believe that it’s our job to be the national leader in what we do.

In addition to our services, the RLA is proud to have the HeartPrints Center for Early Education at our campus which is a nonprofit private academic institution offering education for ages 3 through through Kindergarten. For more information on this organization, click on their name.